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In this article we will discuss how to monetize your channel and which method will make good money even on a channel with a small number of subscribers. More information about monitoring can be found on the link https://wmgroup.us/eng/.

There are 4 ways to earn money on the YouTube channel:

  • Google Adsense ads
  • brand advertising;
  • partnership programs;
  • selling their own goods or services.

We will talk about these methods in detail.

If you want to get additional information about how much youtube earn, then there are two articles that will be very interesting to you. The articles are titled “How much YouTube pays for views: profitable countries and niches” and “How much you can earn on YouTube: the income of bloggers in Russia and the USA.”

Let’s move on to the discussion of channel monetization. Let’s start with Google Adsense.

Google adsense
You can earn money on YouTube using Adsense — this is when ads will appear on your videos before, during or after your video, and you will receive money for it.

Google Adsense is an advertising service that Google has integrated into YouTube. This service automatically places text and image ads that are contextually relevant on websites and on YouTube. Owners of sites and channels that place ads receive revenue for clicks and impressions.

In Google Adsense you get 55% of the revenue from the ads shown in your videos, and YouTube retains 45%.

Unfortunately, youtube channel monetization is available to owners of channels that have at least 1000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4000 hours of viewing in the past 12 months (it used to be easier — you only needed 10,000 views in the entire history of existence). To monetize the channel, you must become a member of the YouTube affiliate program.

Within the framework of this program, when you reach 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers, only then you can connect the monetization option, available at the link: Creative Studio> Channel> Monetization. Then, ads from other advertisers will start showing in your videos, for which you will receive money.

In order to monetize your channel, you’ll need to link your YouTube account with an AdSense account. If you don’t have an AdSense account, you will need to create one. A link to the article on how to do this is in the description of this video tutorial.

Consider the indicators CPM (cost per mille) — price per thousand and RPM (revenue per mille) — income per thousand. Both metrics measure your earnings for 1000 ad impressions on your channel.

CPM (cost per mille) indicates the price for every 1000 views. This term is used by advertisers, and this figure does NOT mean that your earnings will be just that. CPM is the price that an advertiser pays for every 1000 views of his ad on your channel.

RPM (revenue per mille) means revenue for every 1000 views. This figure indicates how much the channel receives for every 1000 views after YouTube takes its percentage, and other revenue sharing.

Your income consists of the number of times the ad was present on your channel and the type of ad. It is very important to understand that if an ad is missed after 5 seconds, then this view will not be monetized, and therefore you will not receive income for this view.

How much can you earn in Google Adsense?
Google Adsense brings channel owners pennies. You should not rely on large revenues from showing ads on your channel. Especially in Russia. A million views on YouTube brings between $ 120 and $ 3,000. At the same time in Russia you will receive at a minimum.

For example, a Russian gaming channel with 500,000 subscribers and 10 million views per month brings its owner $ 1000 per month with Google Ads. But the American channel in the theme of «finance» with 100,000 subscribers and 200,000 views per month brings its owners $ 500 per month. I personally took this data from the real owners of these channels!

You can read more about how much different youtuber get for impressions in different countries in an article on my blog entitled “How much YouTube pays for views: profitable countries and niches”. This article also contains information on which topics are the most profitable.

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