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YouTube is not only the second most popular website in the world, but also a service through which a student, professor, senior citizen and small child can earn money. In this article, we will talk about how to properly prepare and how to make money on YouTube by uploading a video using the link pay for youtube view.

Ordinary users can remove vlogs, share their experience in cooking, car repair, or just talk about something interesting on camera, getting a decent reward.

Can I make money on YouTube

One of the most popular questions about making money online is how much you earn on YouTube for 1000 views.

To answer it correctly, you should familiarize yourself with how income is generally generated. A blogger can choose from over 10 options. On average, revenue ranges from 0.3 cents to several thousand dollars (to be shown below).

contextual advertising

You can sign up for Google AdSense and set up channel monetization. In this case, Google will automatically embed ads. Earning money on YouTube for 1000 views in this case will be completely subject-specific. Vlogs, pranks, music, entertainment content that is not tied to any commercial niche, bring from 0.3 to 1 dollar. Finance, real estate, construction — 1-3 dollars. In the Russian-language Internet, it is customary to focus on the amount of 0.3-3 dollars per thousand views.

To get an affiliate program, it’s not enough to create a channel and upload several videos. You will need to collect at least 240 thousand minutes of views for the previous 365 days. This is 4000 hours (an average of 100-200 thousand views).

You can find out how much the channel earns on youtube using contextual advertising, thanks to the Socialblade service. Just enter the name of the channel of interest or just insert the link.

For example, the income that, according to this service, is received by the famous blogger Yuri Dud:

The spread is large enough, it is clear that the figure is several tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Partnership programs

Traffic can always be redirected to your affiliate links. You can open some video from the channel of Yuri Dude and see the affiliate link in the description:

Affiliate link in the description of one of the video by Yuri Dude

Experienced bloggers know that how much you can earn on youtube through affiliate marketing with a skillful approach, significantly more revenue from contextual advertising.

In 2014, the author of this article created a channel and published a series of 25 videos with an overview of trading strategies for the Forex market. The total number of views was approximately 150 thousand, which on contextual advertising could bring several hundred dollars. But redirecting viewers to an affiliate link turned out to be much more profitable and brought a total of more than $ 7,000.

Earnings by the author of this article on the Weltrade affiliate program using YouTube videos

Direct sales
Authors of popular channels, having a loyal audience, can earn by selling their own product. Example: an expert in the field of earnings in the securities market can share trading strategies in free videos, while offering paid tuition.

You can sell everything through YouTube: construction and repair services, weight loss courses, one-on-one coaching, and more.

If you ask YouTube “How to choose a company for repair”, then in the results of the issue you will find a video with direct advertising of your services.

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